Poetical Tv

Broadcasting to the world 


is an online broadcaster dedicated to showcasing & promoting the art of spoken word poetry. Established in 2009, it was created to serve as a platform to highlight & support the power & diversity of poetry. Also to help inspire, empower and share the work of poets with a global online audience.

Since it was created, Poetical Tv has become a leading broadcaster, streaming visual content online 24/7 as well as producing visual content  ranging from filmed live performances, shows, interviews & spoken word videos too. This filmed content has featured spoken word artists from across the world including artists such as Aja Monet, The Floacists, Jasmine Mans & Dean Atta.

With over 30, 000 subscribers worldwide on YouTube, Poetical Tv continues to be unique in its presence as one of the worlds only broadcasters dedicated to poetry.

24/7 Online broadcaster. Streaming poetry on our website, YouTube & Livestream. Est. 2009.